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I have a new question today . while I was trying to update some of my installed content I noticed that if I choose to uninstall the item before after the un instillation was done the uninstaller was gone from the uninstallers folder

after moving my all daz studio library into a different path directory and today trying to update some of my items to a newer version when I try to uninstall the item , when it's done the uninstaller will not go away , my question is if the uninstaller is still there for that item did it really completely removed it ? can it do harm or can it be ignored and I just can delete the uninstaller manually ?


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    Hi RedHeadLilith :)

    The installer can optionally create an Uninstaller file. (after the installation process is complete),... This Un installer is a "List" of the Files which were installed,. and the locations of those files you installed.

    If you then manually Move files and folders which were installed. then the Uninstaller list of files and locations is now redundant and useless since the files have been moved.#

    This will result in the uninstaller not working, or reporting an error.

    the uninstaller is only a list, and only an option to help you remove what you've added.

    but the point is that if you install anything, and create an Un-installer as part of that process,...
    Don't manually move files or folder after the fact and expect the uninstaller to figure out where you've moved them to, and remove them.
    it doesn't work that way.

    Hope that makes sense :)

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    ho no ...amm so what's now ?
    if I want to install a new version of the file what do I do now ?
    if I simply install it without removing the old file what will happened ? will this overwrite the old file ?

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    You should be able to install the new file, and it will overwrite the files which are already there and (if you choose) it will create a new Uninstaller.

    you'll probably still have the old uninstaller file, which is now disconnected, and useless.
    you can delete those manually using the windows browser.

    the point is that once you install something, and you choose to move it to a different location,. then the uninstaller won't work because the files it's trying to uninstall don't exist any more in the locations it's looking for them.

    Moving file's after installing them, isn't a good idea.

    Most files are built into the installer to be installed into specific locations so that they can work correctly with other files in other folders.
    moving things can break that ability.

    In Daz Studio,. I believe you can use the "Categories" view in the Content library to create "customised" categories, and you can move or add products into there, so that you can find them easily.
    EG; My Dresses for V4,. ....could contain all the dresses for Victoria 4.

    NOTE: this is a "Virtual" method of arranging your products , and does NOT move any files or folders on your drive.

    Hope it helps :)

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    yes, thank you for your answer .

    the reason I moved everything to a new path was I was reading it as a solution to the problems I was having with the CMS
    and it did solved the problem

    On the Content Library tab, click on the Options menu (the rectangle with horizontal lines in the upper corner) and choose “Content DB Maintenance” > “Re-Import Metadata”.

    If that doesn’t fix it:

    Make sure you Stop the CMS before uninstalling it, and either delete the databases or install them to a different location when you reinstall DS4. When you start up DS4, if you are not prompted to import the metadata, do the Re-Import described above.

    How do you stop/start the DAZ Content Management Service?

    Go to the circular icon on the bottom left hand corner in windows and navigate to the folder containing the CMS. There is a link you can click which starts the CMS and one to stop it as well as the uninstall link.

    I think I misunderstood the part about either delete the databases or install them to a different location

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