!!HOLY CRAP!! - PC Club saved me TONS of $$$!!!!



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    Oh! So that's what happened!! LOL.. I just thought it was some kind of crazy PC thing... hahaha. That's so funny... Well, I'm even luckier than I knew!! :) Finding out there are so many things to do during this sale... Things to vote on...Bundles to scope out... Contests to participate in... Seriously... I am having a lot of fun. :)

    Which is a very good thing....cuz I needed a little fun.

    Your glee is so refreshing! It takes me back.

    I'm having the most fun of the year. The way this month started, I wasn't very enthused.

    Now, they're really cooking, and I'm smiling a lot, but my head is swimming, from all this overlapping stuff to keep track of. :cheese:

    By the way, a nice thing about Daz Original bundles, is that they usually have PA items, so you can get PC discounts on some PA stuff, too.
    And thats on top of bundles already bringing a discount for each item.

    (If I'm making any sense, as I'm getting sleepy).

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    [email protected] Glee!!

    I am very happy about it. More than I can say. Perhaps if I had joined PC club when I was a newbie... it wouldn't have this effect on me.... but after 4 years of paying regular sale prices and snagging good deals from Fast Grab... this "deal" is HUGE to me! I'm in awe...for real. Dang, I just never knew what I was missing! LOL

    Now... some of this "glee" is due to the fact that the new DSON importer means Poser people can join in the Genesis fun, too... and that has resulted in a happier forum...so I'm happy about that, too.... Now I'm just waiting for all the stuff everyone snagged up this month to turn into fun renders and sharing that used to exist around here... I'm really looking forward to it.

    Now... since I have spent up the rest of the $$ I had, I guess I should go unpack everything!!! LOL If you don't hear from me in a while...send back-up! LOL

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    I don't quite have you beat, but I'm at about a 90% discount this month, roughly $2 per item. I now own nearly all DAZ Original Genesis (human) characters...picked up a bunch on Friday for under $3 each. And I got great deals on the Creature Creator Bundle and the Supersuit Fantasy Pack that I'd been eyeing for a long time. Spent more than I should have, though...

    Very, very pleased with this sale so far! However, it's probably worth pointing out that some of these discounts were accidental (the prices were lower than DAZ intended due to various discounts stacking). I think it's working out to DAZ's advantage...customers are happy, spending a lot, and the low prices help encourage the Poser community to get on board with Genesis.

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