DSON / JSON Question

Hi, I've got a question and apologies if it's the wrong place, or if already asked...
I have have developed a few Genesis characters using the Evolution morphs... now the thing is, if I want to get them to work in poser it seems that they would need to be in a different format ... DSON... but that's where I draw a blank... and also don't really seem to find the proper answers on how to do it anywhere. Probably because I might be searching for the wrong things... who knows.... So my question is, is there some kind of program out there that converts the old DSA files to have them work in poser? I imagine the answer is probably no, and one of those things were you either understand how to create pythong scribts or you don't... but I thought it doesnt hurt asking.
Well I would love to have my genesis characters work in poser, and I have managed to do so by re-creating the morphs within poser, and it gives just a whole new options to it all.... so any help would really be appreciated.
Fred :)


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