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Can someone please show me how to get textures to work for these? So far, when I unzip these into content, and use em in Daz, all I get are pieces are slick, shiny, featureless plastic. I am so ready to tear my hair out from all this, since I can not get my comics going if I can't even figure out how to get the sets to work. @_@ Preferable step-by-step, since I am still, for the most part, a noob, on this stuff. ^_^; Thanks for any help.









And how does one use 3DS files in Daz. I am using Daz3, by the way.


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    I don't know for sure how much help I can give you but first suggestion would be to go to the StarTrek thread and ask the guys and gals there.
    I looked at the first one on the list( no I don't have it) but have you gone into the surface settings and changed the lighting mode from the default plastic to one of the other settings??Matte ,or metallic ....
    I'll see if I can find the Star Trek thread and get you a link.

    OOops I just noticed you said they are in 3Ds ,I use Hexagon to convert 3Ds to a lightwave object and then it can be imported into DS

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    That should be 'wavefront' object, not 'lightwave'.

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    when you load one of the sets into DS, go to the SURFACING/RENDERING tab and from there you can change the object surfaces to anything you want, color, design, shininess, etc.

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    Thank you Jestmart that's what I meant ,I think I must of had a brainfart somewhere between the thinking and the typeing ........oops

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