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can anyone tell me what happened to the wizard and browser presets. i have installed the latest beta and production versions and no wizard and browser presets. also the production version is n ow asking me to run as administrator. I am on a mac running 10.7.4 this has never happened before. thanx in advance


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    HI Dot Bat :)

    The Wizards and Presets come with the "Carrara Native Content", which isn't supplied with the Beta version of C8.5

    However,. If you have the Native Content installer from your C8, then you can install it into 8.5's folder.

    Hope it helps :)

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    is it supposed to be installed in the app folder for 8.5? and what about 8.1 the production version. i just installed 8.1 and nothing there either. do i install the content in that folder also. i originally installed native content in my apps folder. and the applications in my user, application folder. i would like to install the native content to another drive where i store all my resources. thanx for your hellp 3dage. any ideas why 8.1 is asking to run as administrator? would os 10.7 have anything to do with that? i seem to recall reading somewhere it wont run in 10.7

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    It should ask to run as administrator the first time it runs in order to update the serial number. (Or any time the serial expires for the betas.) After that, it should run in your regular user.

    Also, if you install the content in a separate folder, you can add that runtime to the browser.

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    HI Bot Bat :)

    The Carrara native content should be installed to wherever you installed the Carrara Application, it's all part of the same program, it's just split off from the main installer to make it easier to Download.
    think of it as the second half of the Carrara program installer.
    rather than a separate "content pack"
    EG: The Native content Objects and Shaders will be added to the Presets folders inside the Carrara folder,

    hope it helps :)

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    thanx brianorca and 3dage. Im still confused. i never used a runtime. i just installed daz studio and am starting to learn that. Im going to re-install both 8.1 and 8.5 and install the content in both app folders and see what happens. thanx for the help. Incidently, when 8.1 asks me to run as administrator and i put in my number, close down and reopen it asks me again to run as administrator over again. ive never gotten that message from any application in my long mac experience. i'
    ll see when i re-install. i like this forum Ive gotten a lot of help from here and i like the new format

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