clipping not working

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Help please, In the terain editor when i try to clip it turns white not red or yellow and then when i save nothing changes what could be wrong?


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    OK, sorry if this is stating the obvious to you but first we need to know if you're doing it correctly.

    A; Click this icon to get the clipping tools down the right side
    B; Slide this edge of the bracket down to clip high range
    C; Slide this edge of the bracket up to clip the low range

    Is this what you are doing?
    Can you post some screen grabs of what you're seeing?


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    @Dave: That looks like a egg with a side of mashed potatoes. :lol:

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    Savage I can not post a screen shot but I am doing as you direct the problem is the slider goes white from the bottom and black from the top. the slider is moving in its entirely as pulled down it doesn't reduce in size but just repeats black to white.

  • David BrinnenDavid Brinnen Posts: 3,120
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    Yes, move the ends of the curly bracket, not the grey - scale? Although the mouse pointer does not modify itself to show you this is possible, just have faith and put it over the end of the bracket and drag up and down.

    Image 1 shows an enlarged example of where precisely you should put your pointer before holding down the left mouse button to drag the end of the curly bracket. Helpful?

    Edit. Tip - if your cursor transforms into a double headed arrow pointing up and down. Then you have got hold of the wrong thing.

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    thanks david I was doing it wrong while using your fine learning CD.

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