PoserPro 2012 want's me to find this file??( solved)

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I am using PoserPro2012 and have found this little problem.
When opening up and bringing Victoria up I get this little message.. find'M4Head_DP.tif' .. now I have looked everywhere and I can't find it.. and I'm not even using M4 he's just been installed.
Can someone tell me how to either get around this or where I can find the above .tif.

Thank you. :)

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    What is the exact file you're trying to load? That is, indeed, a Michael 4 displacement map.

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    O.K. I have loaded V4 and clothed her.. then I saved it.. now when I open up PoserPro using the saved file.. I get the above message.
    I have just re-installed PoserPro and have only loaded the main files for .. V4..A4..G4..M4 including the ones for muscles and I set of poses and one set of clothing for V4...
    so.. could it be one for the muscles.. it's just that I can't find it. :(

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    O.K... I went with


    now these all had DAZ's.. 'open into the right place' thingy...and I haven't touched them... but now that it might be a displacement map.. I'm going to reload these again and see if it works..

    If it works.. I'll put a note here so that you know.. :)

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    I re-installed all of the above... then I started from scratch with V4... and so far it looks like it working. yahhhh... :)

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