Using DSON and Poser as a bridge to get genesis into C

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Is this possible? I really want nothing to do with the carrara beta at all after it messed up everything last time. My idea is to get genesis set up with clothes autofit, save it out, import it into poser, then save it as a poser scene file. Then load that scene file into carrara. Anyone familiar enough with the programs to try it out? I have poser 2012, I put it on the shelf after I initially tried it, it wouldn't load my V4, M4 and K$ properly, even after reinstalling. All the addon morphs like ++ etc would inject, but the dials had no effect. I have stuck with 2010 since.

I also do not use DS at the moment, but am willing to give it another go if I can play with genesis in my carrara 8 version. DS ran like poopie last time I tried it, I think it was 4.4, with just one figure loaded it lagged like crazy, in carrara it doesn't start to lag like that until I have a complex scene and a few gen 4 figures lol.

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    I don't think that would work; AFAIK Carrara cannot read Poser 9 weight-mapping. However, I'll leave it to those more knowledgeable about Carrara to confirm or deny.

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    Oh, sorry about that......
    You might be right, carrara does have weight mapping, but it could be different than poser's version. I don't know myself, never messed with the weight maps in poser. It still surprises me that DAZ has never taken advantage of carrara weight mapping at all, I guess they value poser users more or something. There could have been a weightmapped carrara version of figures long before poser 9 came out.

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    Fenric has a weightmap injector tool for Poser figures

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    mind you I do not know how to register at his site so never downloaded it!!
    just entered my email now with an order for it so will see what happens, got a few Poser8 figures it could be useful for
    update, yes the download link was emailed.
    not ready to try it yet though, I don't use Poser figures much and do not have 2012 though I grabbed DSON while free if I ever do get it.

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    Oh wow, thanks wendy, I will see if I can get my hands on that! :D
    Might be worth the time installing poser 2012 and DS to mess around a bit. Also I was thinking I might be able to go from poser, to c4d to get to carrara if that doesn't work. The joy of finding workarounds :D

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    the second to last build of the beta is ok for me
    actually I love it! fbx import from iClone 3dx5 pipeline is fantastic
    last one ok too but they broke the Genesis phonemes for Mimic, other figures ok.

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    I am really considering tossing caution to the wind and installing the current beta. Hopefully this time I won't find my system backup corrupted if I gotta reinstall this time lol....

    One quick question wendy..... Does genesis work exactly the way it works in DS, or is things like autofit not working?

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    Autofit works but it is fussier, you have to choose the correct clothing option, not just bodysuit for example or an error can occur.
    you must wait, if you click stuff too soon it will crash, esp using smart content
    also saving multiple Genesis figures dressed and grouped then adding them works better than doing a scene with all of them added in and dressed, I also tend to turn my imported aniblocks into nla clips using a default Genesis figure in a seperate scene then applying them later but have just imported them on each figure too! never without saving first though!!
    save a lot!!
    not all textures work well and uv's cannot be changed so load M5, V5 gorilla etc, do not use a default Genesis as it is only V4 uv mapped
    forget Sabbattic Goat leg hair!!
    (but oddly an iClone fbx reimport of it fully loaded works fine for me!!!)
    manual posing tricky, need target helpers, I just use aniblocks myself!

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    Hi TheKD :)

    From reading through this , I get the impression that something went wrong when you installed the beta at some time ....

    A few people installed the "beta" into their existing Carrara 8 program folder. and that's a no,no.
    also, there was an early issue with folder names being changed , which was resolved by making a separate "preferences" file for the beta.

    A long as you install the C8.5 Beta,. into an new folder EG: Program files \ Daz3d \ Carrara_beta

    then you'll be fine.

    The C8.5 Beta WILL load Genesis figures and content directly from the Carrara browser.

    which saves you a lot of wasted time trtying to imporit into poser and save it in a scene then trying to open that in carrara.

    If you want to use Genesis, and DS content in the 8.5 beta,.. you'll need to have Daz Studio 4.5, and the Daz Content management system installed,. to enable the smart content in the Carrara browser.

    I would NOT advise trying to load or import genesis into Carrara 8 through Poser,.. and expect to have it working,.. It Won't work correctly.
    That's one of the main reasons for building Carrara 8.5.

    The DSON importer for Poser, (IMPORTS) the genesis content into Poser, through an import process.
    this doesn't make it into a standard Poser Figure, and saving it in a scene file and expecting that to load into a program which doesn't have that DSON importer won't work. whether that's a previous version of Poser or Carrara.

    The DSON importer for Poser need to be installed into Poser 9 or Poser pro 2012 with the latest service packs.

    If you have Daz Studio 4.5 installed, then you can save Material presets for skin, or clothing in Duf format, then load them into Carrara 8.5 beta.

    Hope it helps :)

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    Thanks for the valuable info guys. That's why I figured I should ask here before taking all the time to install everything :D Saved me a few hours of installing, and a few hours of pulling out my hair trying to get something to do the impossible

    It was one of the first betas that messed all kinds of stuff up for me. I probably won't have time until next week to play though unfortunately lol. Weekend is gonna be hectic :)

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    the first beta destroyed our runtime references, regardless of where you installed it,

    that wasn't the bad thing - th ebad thing was that Daz was made aware of this and didn't warn anybody about it !

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