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No matter what I do every time I go into the materials lab when I exit some of the objects in the scene move. This just now started happening after many months of use with out this problem. I have tried locking them and the same thing happens, it does not matter if the objects are in a group or not, even linking will not help. if any one has a clue as to why this is happening I would surely appreciate your input.


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    Sounds like the particular scene file has gone corrupt. I have had this happen in scenes where items are deleted then undone. The undoing can sometimes lead to corruption especially when there is a lot of grouping and boolean operations. Fortunately, it is only a problem with the particular file you are working on. The bad thing is that you might need to start over with this particular scene. This issue is extremely rare, i wouldn't doubt most users have never experienced this. Best of luck Spiderfingers!

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    I appreciate your help but did I forget to mention that it's not just the one scene it's EVERY TIME I open Bryce. it does not matter if it's a scene I worked on for an hour or if I just opened a new Bryce session and import one model. as soon as I go to the mats lab and then after adjusting any material when I return to the main window my object will be spread across the tundra shall we say, lol. (been using Bryce for about four years and I have never seen any thing like this before) since my last post I did remove the Persis and Prefs and so far seems to have solved the problem, or at least I hope so, but you never know what kind of surprise Byce will throw at ya next, lol.

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