nothing responds

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i just installed ds4.5 pro and now i can click whatever i want but there is no respons.
well there is once in a lot of clicks.

im running a xp sp2 or sp3
on a 3,2 ghz quadcore amd processor
4 gig installed
32 bitt

im also not sure if my content is showing up cause it didnt show up and then suddenly the tab changed to the tab where u can modify the looks and shapes of genesis.

also the tab page went almost full screen and i cant make it small again cause no clicks respond

much regard


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    ok so sometimes it will alow for a click to happen but then it just wont respond to any click after that.

    for instance i could move three times a slider one of male one of bodybuilder and one of pearshaped i had to double click the fader to move it , but right after i could do that it stopped responding again and it took the tab of bodyshapes out the boundingbox and placed it in the view window.
    i can click whatever i want yet nothing responds.

    anyone any clue?

    much regard

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    What OpenGL version is your graphics card using?

    Help > Troubleshooting > About Your Video Card.

    It sounds like an OpenGL problem to me. Are you using a Laptop with a Graphics chip?

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    hello jimmy

    thnx for ur reply.

    i was using a build in graphics card but when i red it mightve been that i installed my real graphics card again.
    after installing the new graphics card and reinstalling daz4 + content again some clicks respond , like the faders , with one click on them.
    but the tabs are still in the middle of the screen and i cant open the right tabs.
    also clicking on the : file , edit , create , etc has no response.

    this is the information the troubleshooting gives:

    Adapter DescriptionNVIDIA GeForce GT 220
    Vendor ID0x10de
    Device ID0x0a20A
    dapter RAMUnknown
    Adapter Driversnv4_dispDriver Version6.14.12.9610
    Driver Date2-29-2012
    WebGL RendererGoogle Inc. -- ANGLE (NVIDIA GeForce GT 220 ) -- OpenGL ES 2.0 (ANGLE
    GPU Accelerated Windows2/2 Direct3D 9

    much regard

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    hello did you read this Daz studio 4.5 system requirements ?

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    hello lillith

    i didnt read them but i did now and i think my system must be good enough.

    windows xp sp3
    amd phenom (tm) II X 4 955 processor
    3,21 ghz
    4 gb wich becomes 3,12 gb
    100's of gb hd space

    i would think the graphicscard should be good to.

    what i dont understand from the system requirements is with the opengl it says opengl 1.6 but also says opengl 2.2 .
    should i install opengl 2.2 ?

    much regard

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    What is giving you is the minimum, and then the reccomended spec.

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    hello chohole,

    do u know by any chance where i can find a higher version of opengl , cause ive been looking now for 30 minutes but it seems i cant find a real version 2.2 till 3.1 anywhere.

    much regard

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    Go to your graphic cards manufacturer website and they should have a current version for your card.

  • RedHeadLilithRedHeadLilith Posts: 0
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    I think you need to check if your graphic card drivers are also updated , the open GL as far as I understand comes with your graphic card you need to go to the website of your graphic card and install the latest drivers it can help you for better function .

    another thing you can see your graphic card information inside daz studio and there it can tell you if you got the things you need to to run daz

    this can be found in the menu under help >>>troubleshooting --- > about your video card

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    hello lillith

    i dled the last driver update and installed it but it still is opengl2.0.
    and ur sugestion for trying the help inside daz studio is one of the problems im having.
    i can click as many times as i want on the help tab or any other tab but there is no response.
    it seems to be stuck when i start daz i get a screen wich shows a key i still have to fill in for aniMate 2 their sometimes i can press ok or cancel but it also often wont let me click those so i have to use the close up in the right of the screen and after that it starts up and it is stuck sort of.
    like if im lucky i can move a slider thats showing but even that wont work and neither does any other thing i have to click , besides when i click with the right mouse button i get or clear selection or select all or i get another popup with posibilities.
    but besides that nothing seems to work.

    so i dont realy know what to do to get it working.
    maybe someone can point me the right direction.

    much regard

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    Your system spec seems strange,.

    you have an AMD Phenom ..which is a 64 bit processor.
    you have 4 GB ram .. which should be enough,.
    you have a good graphics card with on board GPU and ram,.


    You're running with a 32 bit OS, which can only access 3GB (MAXIMUM) and I presume you're running 32 bit software, which also has the same memory limitations.

    Is there any other software running at the same time as Daz studio ?

    How do other programs perform ?

    You can use Windows "Task manager" to see how much memory is being used by running applications, and what processes are running. have a look at what#s happening when you run DS, and what's happening when you click on something.

    it sounds to me like a lack of available resources rather than any issue with open GL. but without more info, it's a "best guess" scenario.

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    hello 3dage

    when i run daz and im not touching anything its at 2 % cpu usage , when i click something it varies from 2 to 10 / 11 %.
    i dont think its because my cpu wouldnt be able to cope.
    the rams should be enuogh to cause daz only takes 200 mb ram memory in the state it is and i got at least 2 gig ram left.
    the problem is i can click anything but nothing happens , it looks like its stuck.
    and every time i reinstall it just continues where it is , so i also cant get a new screen.

    other programs like cubase , studio one , blender , inkscape , gimp all perform great , i never had a problems with any other program.
    i dont know what could be the reason it isnt responding , wich is to bad cause i was realy looking forward to discovering daz.

    i hope someone knows how to help me through this first obstacle.

    much regard

    (i just tryed to click to find out the cpu usage and all of a sudden it let me click the windows undocked so now i can c a little again , but i still cant use any clicks.also when resizing the window daz goes from 6 to 25 depending on how often i resize.)

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