hair compatibility and, what is this product?

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Hi I am now serching some fantasy or SF heroine hair for genesis shape.

(long, straight pony tail, etc,,,I like usuall hair more than unique styling,,)

I have already serched many times all hair for genesis in daz shop,,,
but there seems not to want (or I have already get the hair,,)

then I find hairs what I want , but it seems can be compatible with only V4,,

I know auto-fit or transfer utility can do manythings,
,, but I want to adjust hair shape on my character morph for genesis perfectly.

and use many hair morphs of the product when I change the pose,,, ,I like detail.
but I do not want so many work for correct shape hair for some pozing,,
so I need good adjustments morph of product.

Have someone tried to use Magic 101 hair
these beautiful attractive hairs for genesis?

eg I hope to buy

have anyone try to use these items for genesis figure?
and how the morph work by transfer utility reform or auto-fit,
is there some problem in detail? or some morph can not be used?
I want to know detail report,,

then,, one more question about product photo,,,@@;
I often find good clothings in product photo, but I can not grab what the item name and how to get,,

1 chaotic-realm product photo,, what the name of this black cool suit?

2 virago poses for v5 product photo , separate gray suits tops and bottom pants,,

tell me pleaaaaase @@;


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    Not sure about the others, but your No.2, the outfit in Virago poses is Uzilite's "Complicated Eve": without the belly covering middle section.


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    The outfit in the Chaotic Realm photo is "Hear No Evil" by Aery Soul which, unfortunately, is no longer available for purchase.

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    Oh and when it comes to hair, it's often better to parent the hair and use adjustments (scaling, dforms, etc.) than to try and autofit it. That's the way I use most of the V4 hairs on Genesis (unless the shape is really different in which case autofit/transfer tools tend to be easier).

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    Wao,,, so much tthanks,,I was worried if I made mistake category of forum @@;

    thed777 , I must get it,, may be^^;

    adamr001, thank you much to tell me the product,
    but I feel sad,, why this armor suits can not purchase nowTT,,,

    and about hari,, yes,, I must use more just parent,,
    I have not experienced much aboout 3D figure or hair,,
    so I just think auto-fit hair,,,

    I will try to parent some v4 hair and check them!!
    (ah,,it seems good,, it must keep original morphs perfectly I think,, ^^,)
    so I may try one of magic 101 hair,,,

    anyway thank yours!!

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