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Why is my poser rendering gray screens there is nothing there but gray screen ): I've been working on this scene for hours and I had to keep canceling it because i kept having to change things but then all of the sudden it started rendering gray, so I turned off my computer, turned it back on, reloaded the scene and tried rendering it again TWICCE and it is still gray
i am so mad I swear to god right now


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    Is there a prop or a wall blocking the camera?

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    Are you outside a skydome?

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    There is not a prop in the way I have every single thing included in that I was rendering before it just started rendering grey out of no where and the only thing I changed was the hair on one of the characters

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    Without knowing more about system specs I can't say for sure - but I see this behavior when scenes start to reach the limits of Poser's available memory. I rarely see it on 64 bit machines running 2010 or 2012, but regularly far outstrip the capabilities of my 32 bit machine. Sometimes setting the option to Render in a Seperate process will help, and if you have a Pro version you can try "Render in Background" or "Render in Queue".

    Sometimes this is just a render hiccup, and stopping the render and trying it again will work.

    If you are on a 32 bit machine or using a 32 bit version of Poser and have a scene with lots of content (or if Poser has been running excessively long without being turned off - like days) then likely you are running out of memory and the renderer is unable to render (possibly unable to even load).

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