I just accidentaly cancelled my membership.....

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I was just reading in the members forum about memberships auto-renewing even if you've removed your cc information!

And I don't want that ('cos I have no money), so I went to my account and clicked on cancel, and it cancelled my membership, not the subscription( I checked, and I wasn't able to get into the members forum). I thought it would just cancel the subscription, not the membership, I still have about a month to go on my membership.

Then I saw a button that said reactivate, which I pressed, and it had today's date and a "pay now" button, however when I went to check I was able to get into the member's forum again, so had it actually reactivated me as a member? I was worried about my cc being charged without my permission, so I've gone back to cancel again.

Anyway. Is there a way of getting my last month of membership back? This is obviously a bad month to lose it... I'd like to get back into the members forum to vote and stuff.

I definitely don't want to renew, is there any danger of that without my permission? Do I need to phone up my cc company and cancel?


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    All we can really advise is that you file a support ticket using the Help / Contact Us button on the top bar. They are very helpful

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    Yep, I've lost my membership, and will have to repurchase what I've already paid for, according to support.

    Don't go pressing the cancel button lightly.

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    OK, they gave me an extra month, thank you

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    Yes - they really need to put some kind of notice that cancelling your subscription actually cancells your entire membership NOT just the billing side of things. You are not the only one caught out by this action. I too attempted to cancel the billing, but instead cancelled my membership, which was paid up until May next year! As you can imagine, I was less than impressed. However, a quick email to support and they did rectify the situation.
    Before I cancelled it, I read the post about how to cancel it - nowhere did that post state that membership would be completely removed. Is it at all possible for someone to update that post so that other PC members wanting to cancel billing don't end up accidentally cancelling the entire membership as myself and susanac found out the hard way. Thank you

    BellaDragon :)

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    There is an announcement about cancelling membership. http://www.daz3d.com/forums/discussion/7225_4/ It does state that using the cancel button will cancel membership instantly.

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