ERC type of " bend and fowrad" collective JCM for genesis character morph

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Hi,, nowdays I am making corrective shape morphs for my genesis character FBM
I need many tweak for adjust many pose,,I think.:)
then I have problem about ERC setting of sholder joint morph.

I read tutorial and serch forum, then I have some knowledge about making morph for genesis,,
and made some morphs for my character,but thistime,, it seems difficult to deside how setting is best ,,
so I want to ask veteran who have made many jcm morphs for genesis character

1 I made jcm morph for sholder down. then set ERC with myFBM as type multiple,
set ERC with node sholder Y rotation as delta add and set scalar,

it seems good too.

2 but when my character sholder foward, there seems big problem,
so I have made jcm morph for sholder foward. I set ERC with myFBM as type multiple,
then set ERC with sholder Z rotation as delta add and set scalar,
it can work well,,

but,,, if my figure sholder down and foward ,, thre seems need one more morph,,

OK ,,I just made it,,I named it as JCMrShldBendFoward,,and now loading
in morph loader category.

but,, now I am thinking how to set ERC about this morph?
of course it must only work myFBM value changed.(so It seems multiple,,)
it need to work with sholder z rotation and Y rotation both.
and when the both rotation value reach max, (z rotation 75 , and y rotation
75. the morph value =1,,

I think it is different,,both of them,, delta add..

or it is better to ERC not joint rotation, but other bend and fwd JCM I have made

I hope help much,,,,,^^;


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    Hi again,

    Don't have any experience with Genesis, but this is from my experience with V4.

    Use two helper dials controlled by the bend (up/down) movement. I've covered this on your earlier thread.

    For both the forward and bent JCMs, the controls should be set to the movement (JCMBendDown to bend movements and JCMForward to forward movements)

    For the BendForward JCM, use two controls - first the forward movment and then the helper dials. That way, the BendForward JCM will only be active when you move the shoulders down and forward.

    If you're still seeing the JCM activate with any of the movements, try resetting the dial by Alt+LeftClick on the dial(s). Also make sure the helper dials are properly set.

  • kitakoredazkitakoredaz Posts: 3,526
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    Hi wowie thanks again ^^

    I thought I might need two controller for my JCMrShlderBendFoward,
    (in this case, I am not thinking about "back " or "up" (minus movements) setting in my jcms)

    before, I setted two rSholdur JCMs which can move with my style1 FBM as multiple already .

    property editor setting are,,

    a)JCMstyle1rShlderDown for rSholder node "Bend" ( + zrotate) "sub-component" type delta add scalar "0.013"

    b) JCMstyle1rShlderFwd for rSholder node "Front" ( + yrotate) "sub-component" type delta add scalar "0.013

    both of them are "sub-conponent" of FBMmystyle1 type "multiple" so they can only work when I use myFBMstyle1 morph,,
    and I set limits of tow JCM (0 to 1) so, it can not work minus .

    (after made them I use mirroerring morphs for left sholder ^^ and set scalar correctly,, )

    then,,, I think about "JCMstyle1rShlderDownFwd" @@;

    how to set type and make reference where new "JCMstyle1rShlderDownFwd" ,,

    first I thought I should make reference to myFBM, but it seems not to need,
    after that,, I just made reference to two JCMs rSholder "bend" and "Down" directly.

    I thought there are some way to set them,,

    case 1 ) set newJCM as subconponents of JCMstyle1rShlderDown, type "multiple",
    then set newJCM as subconponents of JCMstyle1rShlderFwd type "delta add" scalar "1" (two morphs have limits 0 to 1)

    case 2) set newJCM as subconponents of JCMstyle1rShlderDown, type "delta add" scalar "1" (two morphs have limits 0 to 1)
    then set newJCM as subconponents of JCMstyle1rShlderFwd, type "multiple",

    I think both of them samething, are not they? @@;? there is no differrence, just which I want to set multiple, the other set delta add,
    it seems work how I suppsed,,

    then,, now I think about case 3) for more flexible and fit what I hope the morph work,,,
    but I do not try it yet,, will it work or not?

    case 3)
    set newJCM as subconponents of JCMstyle1rShlderDown, type "delta add" scalar "0.5"
    (it means the new JCM work half when mycharacter rSholder Down limits,,)

    and set new JCM as subconponents of JCMstyle1rShlderFwd, type "delta add" scalar "0.5" too,,,

    I think if mycharacter move rSholder forward and down full, newJCM work "0.5" plus "0.5" =1 , so work full.

    and if mycharacter move rSholder forword only, not down,, it work half of limits,,

    and I think I can change ration of scalar for each rotattion, eg)
    for JCMFwd , delta add scalar "0.3",
    for JCMdown, delta add scalar "0.7"
    but must keep plus value of both = "1",

    is there something wrong?? @@;

    now I just use case 1) and try to other things,, but,, case3 seems better because I may decide
    how work the JCMFowardDown with keeping balance both movements,,(if it can works,,)

    but I think ,, the fault of case 3 is, it work when sholder move only Fwd ,
    or Down ,,, I think it seems not need,,,
    on the other hand, in case 1, and case 2, they never move,, (type multiple may work)
    but I can not change ration.

  • wowiewowie Posts: 1,386
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    If you do that, then the new JCM is not really a conditional ERC. You're just splitting the strength of the controller between two controllers (either the JCMs or the joint rotations). This mean the morph will be enabled when you move the body part (shoulder) even with just one axis (either bend or forward).

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