C8.1.1 Pro build 12 constant crashing on OSX 10.8.2

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Seems I can't run C8 for more than a few minutes without a crash...

I looked around but didn't see anything specific other than that people are waiting for 8.5 and seems to be some debate as to whether it will be a paid upgrade...

That aside, any known issues?



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    I gave up 8.1 on my Mac a long time ago. I only use the beta. It's fairly stable and has some new features.

    There have been mixed results on the forums about 8.1 and Mac compatibility (with Lion or Mountain Lion). Most people find that it crashes often. I found it to crash every time I access an open or save dialog. My son was able to get it to run on his laptop, but I think he uses the 32 bit version. I use the 64 bit. Maybe that's the difference.

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    Thanks Brian-

    Yeah, I'm on 64 bit.

    I'll look for that beta...


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    Turner what are you doing when it crashes? LET ME GUESS you are clicking in the sequencer time line where the key frames are? ITs been a killer bug for over a year now Its still in the latex 8.5 beta and it would appear no one thinks its any thing to worry about.

    SO what I suggest is that you SAVE after every single operation you preform especially anything in the time line or you'll loose everything you've done.

    It would appear this is going to be a permanent bug in carrara from 8.0 till they end up killing it or selling it off.

    But in the mean time you may want to make sure your daz temp folder is always empty.. as this to is a permanent BUG in Carrara no one wished to do anything about either!

    WELCOME to carrara on the mac bubby!

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    Thanks -

    No, nothing timeline related, actually - just trying to apply textures or rotate the view.

    BTW I've been using Carrara since it was Ray Dream. I have never used it to pose fantasy models.

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    Ok, looks like the Beta is FAR more stable :)


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