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Hey there, I've been here for a couple years, but recently I've been wanting to do more/better renders! Someone posted some really awesome render settings, really put some detail into the render. Unfortunately, I was silly and didn't save suck settings, and now (for the life of me) can't remember where I found it. SOOOO, I'm looking for some suggestions for settings! :)
Here's a sample of what my renders looked like BEFORE I

Thanks to everyone in advance!


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    I shouldn't assume anything but I am! Since you didn't say, I'm assuming you're using Daz Studio.

    I think these settings will work in any version.

    I apologise to the original creator of this image if they didn't want it to be broadcast, but I've seen it in other threads in the old forums so took the chance of re-posting. If I have done wrong, then the admins will beat me before removing it!

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    Oooh thanks so much! That's great :3!
    Saved it this time >3.

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