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I purchased IG's photo studio 3 and for the life of me, I can't figure out how to use it. I read the info in the pdf and it was really helpful and useful but I still cant figure out how to load the gels. So far I"ve been clicking the preset I want, then clicking the light in the scene tab to try and load the gels. I know I'm doing something wrong and it's probably simple as anything, but I'm seriously stuck on this lol. Can anyone help?

Thanks in advanced.


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    I still only have my pre release version installed so some of the names may have change

    First thing I do is load the "Photo Studio Lights X4 Gell Light (DS4)" or use the (DS3) if you are in DS3 form the folder "Photo Studio Lights 3"

    now go down to the folder "4 X4 Gel Settings" inside that you have the folder" 2 Gel Textures" and with the Photo Studio Lights X4 selected apply one of the the gels.

    if you are using DS4.5 theses lights don't work properly in them at the moment and that could be the issue we was promised a new update to DS4.5 that mas meant to be released around the time of the release of these light that would have fixed the issue in DS but as you can tell it has not turned up yet.

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    I thought the beta fixed the problem?

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    select the light first then the gel preset.

    You need to have loaded the 'lights x4 gel light' as your lights, the gel presets won't load if you are using the other light set ups. (you can do it by going to the surface tab of the fill light and choosing a gel image for diffuse colour)

    edit - these lights work fine in the latest release.

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  • NeilV_1NeilV_1 Posts: 442
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    I thought the beta fixed the problem?

    I never touch beta's so I don't know

  • NeilV_1NeilV_1 Posts: 442
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    NeilV 1 said:
    I thought the beta fixed the problem?

    I never touch beta's so I don't know

    ah I just saw this post by IG in the beta release thread so at least that is fixed

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    Yep even the freebies now works in DS4.5.0.137 beta

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    Dumb question, but where did you find the PDF for this product?

    I have Photo Studio 2 and for the life of me I can't figure out what the difference is between the different light sets. Just trying to find some sort of "cheat sheet" that I can reference.

    Or a basic idea of the purposes of each of the functions.

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    IG photo studio pdf

    I get 2 and 3,, and,, I know,, 2 seems have not PDF manuall. then I serch 1 pdf manuall,

    it is so useful for me. first read 3 pdf, I can not clearly understand but,, after tthat ,
    serch and find photo studio 1 pdf guide, then I understand,, how these light work ^^;

    then I think you get PDF manuall for photo studio 3 already,, did not you?

    now you can get it from here (last section,, there is link of pdf manuall)

    before it came with photo studio 3.

    und,, I think when you adjust each studio light direction,,,, "local cordinate" is useful,,
    because when select each light (not shell) 3d manipulator (Z blue axis) by 3d universal tool,
    it make guide line where each light are turned to.

    and usually I change stuido bone visiblity "on" it make you clear where these light face to.

    I hope it may some help you (I like much IE light sets,,^^;)

    1053 x 552 - 99K
    1065 x 497 - 104K
  • Jason GalterioJason Galterio Posts: 1,291
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    Thank you for those links. I downloaded the PDFs and I am going to read through them today.

    Sadly, Photo Studio 2 was the only one I purchased. The lack of documentation made me think twice about investing that much money on something with out instructions. If I am going to invest close to $25 on something, I would expect there to be some sort of manual.

    And thanks for the bone view suggestion. I had not even considered that idea. I am going to give that a shot tonight.

  • kitakoredazkitakoredaz Posts: 3,526
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    Iabout studio 3,, we need to change intensity to zero on surface tab manually, or change geometry
    for switch off light. but 2 have on-off preset too.

    then,, DAZ may plan BIG sale on march,, I believe, so it is good chance to get 3 if you hope ^^;
    (arusio 3 has many gel light set,, )

    and,,,As you know,, these light are made by om Uber area light,,, and rigged them to set easy,,
    so it is useful to understand om Area light (mesh light?)

    and Szark tutorial about Area light.

    yeah,,, if I read it before,, may I understand more easy,,

    Actually it took me long time to used to this light set ^^;

  • Jason GalterioJason Galterio Posts: 1,291
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    I just accidentally discovered why I have been having so much trouble:

    The lights do not work if you render to RIB and then use 3D Delight to render. For whatever reason, the lights fail to illuminate in Delight.

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