What a Bargain



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    bad4u said:
    Hmm.. maybe that's a stupid question, but what is asdfasdfa from the features list ? I know asdfdas and you can never have enough of these, so it's great you get a bunch of these, but what exactly is asdfasdfa for then ? It would have made sense to add some dfhgdf instead or even qwerty, but asdfasdfa ?

    That's a female asdfdas, of course. The power of Genesis!

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    lkjhlkjhl is the male equivelalent silly!

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    I really hope this isn't part of that "Buy It All" thing... :-/

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    Well, if it were...you could just ignore the buy-it-all plan and just buy the bundle you want. Much cheaper that way. And in fact sometimes is cheaper anyway, especially for people who find themselves buying things they normally wouldn't think twice about, just to get into the buy-it-all category.

    I wonder if anyone is going to make a texture set for this? :-P


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    Ledhead said:
    If anyone is interested, I found you a bargain.


    Look quick because this thread will be removed.

    I've seen a few of those pop up over the last week or so. The price always varies -- I've think I've seen it as low as a penny once.

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    Ledhead said:
    chohole said:
    Insert evil laugh here. :coolgrin:

    All right Chohole, are you messing with me.

    Are you suggesting that Our Lady of Gnarly Club might be funning with us? Nooooooo, never! She's so... um, clubby. Uh, yeah, that's it!

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