What am i doing wrong?

ScytharScythar Posts: 124
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1. loaded Gorilla for Genesis
2. Double clicked Supersuit in MyLibrary>People>Genesis>Clothing>Supersuit
all fine here, does load...
3. double click on: MyLibrary>People>Genesis>Clothing>Supersuit>Supersuit Presets>Complete Presets>SuperHero>Viper(complete)
--> nothing happens to the suit although it is selected ???
What am i doing wrong???


  • Harry DresdenHarry Dresden Posts: 365
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    You need to select the Supersuit first before applying the preset as it is not selected by default after loading it. Easiest way is to just select it in the scene tab and then apply the preset.
    Edit: I see you did select it. Just double check though as it works fine for me on the Gorilla.

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  • ScytharScythar Posts: 124
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    the problem was wy more stupid of of me...
    (I used the basic suit instead of the supersuit!!!!! :oops:)

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