DAZ 4.5 won't open on 2 computers

I tried to download DAZ 4.5 onto two of my computers (both Windows Vista 32 bit), but when I attempt to open DAZ, I get a bug message. I tried to reinstall it 3 times (I used the download link on the home page and the one in the DAZ store).

The pop-up said to send these bug reports, but the bug report website won't let me log in or send me an email with my password.

Why won't DAZ open?


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    DAZ has severe server problems currently (in the old days, it used to be this sort of thing happened when they uploaded new products for big sales, so it may be related to the Plat Club sale). I'd wait a few days before trying to download a fresh version. DS 4.5 does work for me on Vista 3 bits.

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    Users are reporting they are getting better DL's as of today of the Daz servers, but it re-downloading is not helping then what are the specifications of these two computers?

    Windows Vista 32Bit
    Video Card?

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    Computer #1:
    Windows Vista Service Pack 2 (32-bit)
    Video card: ATI Radeon X1270
    RAM: 3.00 GB

    Computer #2: (I dunno if DAZ is compatable with this old computer, but it was worth a shot)
    Windows Vista Service Pack 2 (32-bit)
    Video card: ATI Radeon X1200
    RAM: 2.00 GB

    The computer I currently use DAZ 4 on (Windows 7) works fine, but I was testing 4.5 on those two, because I was scared something would go wrong with the download. Yesterday, I tried to install 4.5 on Computer #1 again, but it didn't work. When I try to unzip the file, it says something about the file not being able to copy the encryption, I wonder if that's why the downloads aren't working right?

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    And you are downloading the 32 bit version of DS4.5 ?

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    chohole said:
    And you are downloading the 32 bit version of DS4.5 ?

    Yeah, I was trying to download the 32 bit DAZ 4.5 on my two old computers.

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    Are you enabling windows to see all 3GB for one app on that first computer?
    This is something you generally set through a command line, you only have to do it once until you go back and shut it off.

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