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Now that we have a support ticket system again, I felt the need to use it tonight. A quick cut-n-paste:

I'm trying to buy the new Fantasy Bath item #14062. I see two different prices for it, $10.61 on the New Releases page, and $13.27 in my cart and on the product page itself. I'm also not sure if the Fantasy Bath exists, since I reloaded the New Releases page and it vanished (along with all the Fantasy Basic Wear stuff).

I am a PC member, which I assume is the reason for the two prices showing. I can only assume, since we don't get to see the actual sale price %age any more in the new store.

I also want to buy the Day Job Shader Presets item #14077. I don't know whether or not this is still on sale (can we have the sale ending date back, please?) as the reduced price of $11.16 comes and goes.

Please do not take these items off sale until this is fixed, because I will not buy them, or anything else, while the store is in this state.

Honestly, when will it be time to take the entire store down and keep it offline until it's fixed? I have no trust in the prices I see. Except for this week's free item, which I have just bought, downloaded and received my first order confirmation e-mail (after three orders).

And yes, the "submitting order information" orange whirly thing is (again) not going away on the Checkout page. (Hold on, it's just gone after at least ten minutes.)

I'm being patient, I know you're having a horrible time with the new site's problems. But I'm also not buying, yet.

Sorry, DAZ, but I'm not buying anything else here until I can be sure I'm paying the correct price. Right now, I'm not sure.


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    I just sat here hitting refresh - laughing, a bit of hysterics mixed in... when the site first landed, I was Linda Taylor, refresh - Adam Webster - refresh - Niabo Syiakii - lmbo... oh yeah? Am I really?

    Shaking my head... I've gotten to the point now where all I do is laugh... what else can you do?

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    ssgbryan said:

    Well, I deleted all of my CC info & I've stopped buying here.

    The site roll-out has been a textbook example of why you outsource tasks that are not part of your organizations' core competencies.

    Yeah, I was concerned about that at first as well... but more than 3 times, when another name was there, I clicked account to see what would happen, it ALWAYS... so far anyway.... clicked me to my own login name to do so and went to MY account.

    That made me feel better, I sure hope this starts getting better... it's be going on now since May 17th - 2 weeks, 2 days... including the weekends. That's pretty bad in truth - 12 days!

    Come on guys... call in an expert! A Genus... I'm thinking you need one about now. Or are you almost there? Fixed?

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