Pose affecting clothing and hair

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I have reinstalled DS 4 Pro and reinstalled everything I owned in the content library. Still there is nothing showing under Product and Categories. But I manged to locate my stuffs patiently, so that's fine, for now.

What i ahve trouble with this time, is actaully this:

I used Genesis and made some figures in A3 or H4 shapes, dressed them, put hair on them, and shoes.
Question is, why when I put pose on them, while their autofited clothing follows, their hair and their showes which I didn't autofitted but added manually don't? ( well, some items either don't look so good autofitted, or, shows and high heels had to be added manually. )

Pls tell me how to stick the hat and hair on their head? and shows and boots on their feet while they make action pose? or even if I animate them?

Thanks in advance.


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    I just had my Smart content disappear on me too. It turned out somehow the Daz Content Management Serivice had deactivated. Just go to the program's menu and reload it.

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    If the CMS isn't running (which is what causes Smart Content, Products, and Categories to be empty) then double-clicking on a clothing/hair item in the Content Library doesn't automatically Fit it to the figure. Right-click on the item and choose "Fit to". If the item is not conforming, "Parent to" will allow you to choose the body part it should follow.

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    Yes mine is like deactivated forever.... Are you on Mac or Window? where can I open the menu to do the reloading?

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    Those items ARE actually parented to the figure according, but still not follow, I don't understand....

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    Ah instead of using the figure as the parent I should use the body part, now I got it..... Now, the only mystery unsolved is how to reload the Content Management Service again....

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