Adjusting Reby Hair on Miki4?

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my favorite hair is RebyHair from DAZ and all my efforts to "fit" it to Miki won´t work as I can´t resize RebyHair at all. Do I miss something? Is there a way to fit it properly to Miki? If not, do you know any long hair in the style of RebyHair I can use on Miki?

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    Are you using Poser?

    I don;t have this hair, but I don't see why you can't resize it, are there no sliders in the Parameters window for size or scale?

    Can you give a link to the hair as there are two Reby hair products in the store here?

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    Yes, I´m using Power. It´s the Elite Hair version:
    The sliders for size/scale are there, but they can´t be activated... or changed

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    If the Hair is "Conformed to" or (Fit to) the base figure,... then it's dependent on the base figure.

    Un-conform the hair,.. and parent it to the head of Miki

    that should allow you to scale and position the hair manually to the figure.

    Hope it helps :)

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    The problem ist that it isn´t scaleable even if it´s not conformed to any figure...

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    One large magnet will give you full scaling capability, plus a little more. If you use several magnets, you will have much more control.

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