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I just switched from Daz3 Mac to Daz Windows. When rendering there was a white box in the scene view outlining the part of the scene that would be rendered. That box is not there for me in the Windows version, which makes rendering a scene a bit more difficult cause you kinda have to guess which part of the scene view will be renderes. Especially in my custom HD Wallpaper I usually get some part of the head cut of one or two times before finally getting it right.

Is there a way to get that outline box in the Windows version?

thanks in advance

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    Above the Camera Cube in the upper right side of the screen there's a menu screen which looks like four lines and an arrow. It is the corner most object on the screen. Click it and then click Show Aspect Frame.

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    In the options pull-down for the viewport select "Show Aspect Frame"

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    Thank you both very much. Found it :)

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