NEW Tyler and Miki 4.0 products--. PROBLEM: Bone rotations create deforms in the wrong places!



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    Well I took the plunge and did a sidegrade to Poser 2012, for $256.54 and installed SP3..

    I still can not get the bones to rotate correctly for the thumb and pinky :(

    See images below..

    Fenric did say that these utilities wont work on all Poser characters but I believe that he has has a lot more success with Tyler than I have ( given the fact that hes awesome and I am learning there is no suprise there! ;P ) strange!

    I thought I was rotating the wrong bones/pivot points but as you will see from the images, the pinky knuckle pivot point is in the wrong place, too high up in to the hand!

    Also, (regarding the thumb) the middle knuckle (rthumb3) being rotated results in the thumb going out of shape!

    Given the fact that Fenric knows so much and I know so little, where the heck can I be going wrong now?

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    That's not what I get, so I suggest you take it from the top...

    1. Fix Poser's Tyler.CR2 so the feet are parented to the shins
    2. Open that Tyler in PPro2012, run "MergeAllZonesToWeights", and save to a new file (make sure no PMD!) --> TylerForCarrara.cr2
    3. Run "PreparePoserFile" on TylerForCarrara.cr2 --> TylerForCarrara_converted.cr2
    4. Open TylerForCarrara_converted.cr2 in Carrara with the Browser (double click on it)
    5. Save
    6. Run PoserWeightmapInjector
    -- CAR file is ""
    -- CR2 file is "TylerForCarrara_converted.cr2"

    ERASE the files: TylerForCarrara.cr2, TylerForCarrara_converted.cr2,
    RENAME: ->

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    Hope this image says it all :)

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  • head waxhead wax Posts: 6,307

    thanks, appreciate this, wonder if it will work with poser 11 and the new adjust bone centres for radical morphs gizmo they have, will try tonight

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    want to add my thanks! smiley



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