I have a shader with 2 sources with a texture map for the blender.. I want to add a third source to the mixer/blender. How can I do that


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    Use another mixer in a source. Simples.

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    I have never even thought of using a texture map as a blender!
    what a cool idea!
    I guess it uses it as greyscale for the values of each source.

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    One of the plugins... Shoestring I think, has some kind of mixer that works on like 10 different values... But I'm guessing Richard is trying SSS? Otherwise there might be simpler ways to do it...

    The nested Multi-mixer is the best probably... Easiest to control with 2 maps... Ascania yay LOL!

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    I have a shader with 2 sources with a texture map for the blender.. I want to add a third source to the mixer/blender. How can I do that

    Just for my information, what is the difference between a multi channel mixer and a multi layer shader ? (because in a multi layer, you can specify as many basic layers as you wish, each with its own opacity mask.
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    Ascania said:
    Use another mixer in a source. Simples.
    USing a Texture map as a mixer kick azz wheere if you want bare metal to shine through worn areas that are painted
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    Okay heres what I got! I want to add some SA2 Missile near hit damage to my F-4! For all the object involved I have 2 copies that I plan to turn on and off at the appropriate time. I want the Rt Wing, Tail, Rudder and Fuselage to all have copy with all the damage…

    On the Rt wing and the 2 ailerons it was easy they only had one SOURCE. The fuselage is another story. it already thad 2 sources as does the rear tail section!

    The FUSE has a TEXTURE map Mixer to let the MEtALIC part of the rear/tail end sort of come through and looks worn and discolored somewhat by heat ext. SO it already HAS a texture map to cover up the PAINT and let the metal pop out!

    I need another that will not only show the paint but not mess up the metal area at the read AND show the new flak damage which consists on a MASK/TEXTURE MAP MIXER… a HOLE MAP to put an ALPHA for the missing metal… and a BUMP map to simulate bent metal ! SEE WING DAMAGE! PIC

    Now the FUSE source 2 uses a metal shader OTHER than the metal shader called ALUMINUM I want to use to show the damage or I could go into the source one and two MASK and modify it.


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    I DID IT I DID IT and I didn't think it would work! I added another Mulit Layer Mixer to source number 2!!!!! I didnt think it would come through to the top layer but it did!

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    I need to put a texture map on my alpha like now.

    Is that what this is -- how you got the holes? Is it just a black and white MAT thrown on the alpha channel?

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