FBX Vertex Colors

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I don't suppose it is possible to import FBX files with vertex colors into Carrara is it. It does not appear to be possible with C.8, maybe C8.5 has updated this?


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    I do import textured and coloured animated fbx models, not sure what you mean by vertex colors
    C8.5 has DEFINATELY fixed many mangling issues too!
    the shaders to definately tend to have a parametric layers list though if that is what you mean.

  • stu sutcliffestu sutcliffe Posts: 271
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    I am using 3dCoat to sculpt and it allows you to paint directly onto the sculpt without having to make any texture maps.In one of the youtube tutorials it shows an export in FBX to 3d Max which has a import button for vertex colours.Just wondering if Carrara has this and I cant find it. During my internet trawl, it turns out Blender cant do it either,and FBX code is basically owned by Autodesk.So I suppose that is why Max can,are they not owned by Autodesk.
    I think basically vertex color info is stored in the vertexs....or something...I'm falling asleep just typing this!! It just would save me much time and effort...no retopology,no normal maps.
    In the words of "Blackadder" "I am perfecly happy to wear cotton,but have no desire to know how it works"

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