How to not loose Carrara tutorials

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In Carrara Cafe forums I spotted some thread linking to tutorials in DAZ 3D forums.

And i thought that it would be good to let you all know that you can always send tutorials to Carrara Cafe so we could make a dedicated tutorial area. Like we did for Cripeman, ExtrudD, DAZ3D tutorials. So when needed all you have to do is mouse over the tutorials button and select tutorial section by artists. This way tutorials won;t get lost in the variety of forum threads.

If you would like to send Carrara Cafe the tutorial you can do so by sending an e-mail to [email protected]
or contact GKDantas or me directly and we will place your tutorials to be featured in Carrara Cafe website so everyone could easily find them.

You can also send your tutorials to C3DE so your tutorials would be featured in the magazines.


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    Thanx foe the info, I Will try to make a tutorial of Philemos thread about more dynamic carrara renders, hopefully good enough for the mag and the website.

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    Hey Jet.

    That's a good idea.
    Anything that helps us build up the cafe is welcomed.

  • Jetbird D2Jetbird D2 Posts: 66
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    this is the idea behind Carrara Cafe, to be a place of useful stuff regarding Carrara,

    So do not hesitate to send CC or C3DE tutorials etc. there are no good enough tutorials thing, everything that is a learning resource is good. Experience sharing and learning, it is always good.

    At Carrara cafe we can have everything gathered in one central place so it wouldn't get lost. There is also C3DE that is also for the community. Do not be shy :)

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