Any ideas to create a good LED, or lighted switch?

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Good evening,
As you may have seen from my numerous posts I am working on a technical project.
I am trying to create a LED light, and or a button that lights up ( like a play button on a tape machine )
I can't seem to get anything convincing that looks like it is emitting light.
I've tried Glow, anything glows, and aura. I use these effects all the time and enjoy them for other purposes.
but I can't seem to get them to make a led appear on camera like it is emitting light? I even put it behind translucent plastic, but it just looks
like it is being hit with a bright light rather then emmitting the light.
Thanks for any thoughts!


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    Change the ambient colour to the color you want to use & set the strength to between 50 & 100 percent

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