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above is the forum thread for this project. I am developing, slowly, a building/set for Carrara. It will be in both OBJ and as Car files, so it can be used in other apps, but Im building it for Carrara. Id like to know what you guys are looking for, what you need, what you dont care about, how you would use it.

I am planning on a detailed main building, one or more out-buildings, a 2000x2000 foot terrain, a roadway, a set of vegetation replicators and pathways.

Sections of the building are: outdoors, the staircase, the foyer, the office floor, the basement, the executive floor and the observatory.

Im not sure if I should do this as a single file/set, or series of smaller sections like te dream home came in, what would you guys prefer?

In the end, Im aiming for a pretty massive and foreboding building, to act as a set or setting for your clandestine and officiating renders.


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    not much interest in this, its a long time coming, so I have some other smaller projects Im looking at putting out first :)

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