Are Transformations Saved with FBMs

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When you morph a figure in Poser, and you apply transformations, such as making the legs longer by increasing the yScale of the leg by turning the dials, when you save the figure as a full body morph, are the transformations saved too, along with the morphs? Or are the transformations lost?



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    Lost...BUT you can export the object into ZBrush or Hexagon through the bridge (Hexagon 2.5 is free on this site).

    Bring BACK into DAZ instantly then Adjust Rigging to Shape and ERC Freeze and viola!

    Morph with Transformations saved.

    You can follow the tutorial in my sig for more info on making FBMs through this method.

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    Instead of a Full Body Morph, if I just morph and transform the figure, and then save the figure to the Library - what is saved? Is what is saved sellable - as a character? Or is what is saved part of DAZs copyrighted figure?

    I found that if I saved the figure to the Library - all the morphs and transformations remained intact.

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    You may be able to save as a morph preset and sell it making sure to advise customers they need to purchase the morphs you are using ofr the preset witll not work but I do not think the Transformations would be saved by a morph preset.

    It is not sellable if you use any morphs and just turn the morphs into your own morph. That is a no-no.

    You can use Hexagon or ZBrush or another program to make your own morphs and save those and THEY are sellable as long as they are all original.

    As far as scaling, I BELIEVE (and I could be wrong) you can export a character with scaled transformations and use that as a BASIS for an original work, but selling what amounts to just a re-scaled Genesis may be frowned upon.

    Can any more of my more learned colleagues weigh in on this?

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    There was so much discussion about this in the old DAZ forums. Are those forum posts still available somewhere? Are they searchable?

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    Their forum search is broken, Google does a fair job. Edit: Forum search works! Fauvist proved me wrong!

    Member's Only isn't available, because you can't log in.

    Same for most images (without a painful workaround), but if you're on Firefox, check my sig. End of the thread links you to a way to view images, there. I think those same fixes are available for Oprah, too (somebody else's sig).

    Oh, and it's slower than all bleep.

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    T Jaiman said:
    Oh, and it's slower than all bleep.

    If it were any slower, it would be going in reverse...

    Also, if you happen to have any links bookmarked, edit the bookmark like this...

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