Probably simple issue but can't search for anything in DS4 Pro 4.5

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I downloaded the original free DS4 Pro back in February and had the same issue and instead of resetting the download I just got the latest version and installed it on my external drive.

All my content shows up in the respective Daz or Poser folders but I am not able to use the search function to search for anything like I could with DS3 Advanced which I got for free with a magazine.

I am currently using DS3A to search for what I want then checking the file location to find it in DS4.5 Pro as I can't figure out why I can't search directly in DS4.5 Pro.

Can somebody help me with this as it is taking me ages to find stuff and is really getting on my nerves.

I'm sure it is something daft that I have done and maybe because it is installed on an external drive rather than the main pc but DS3A is also installed on the same external drive so I'm not sure why that works a treat and DS4 Pro doesn't.

My machine is 64bit windows 7 and I don't have the little arrow next to the categories section but also don't know how to get that to show and am worried about losing my database so haven't tried anything apart from migrating old content database which gave me an error:-
WARNING: Database Migration Error - Error migrating categories

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me with this issue.


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    Your Content Management Service (CMS) is not running. The Smart Content and the Categories, as well as the Search funcion all rely on it. If you installed it, go to Start > All Programs > DAZ 3D, and you should be able to start it from there.

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    Well I'll be I knew it would be something simple and daft that I had or hadn't done.

    That has done the trick and I can search for my items so many thanks :)

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