How comes I don't see much cloths and hair styles to design my character?

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I go in content then in figures then in Daz's Victoria 4 clothing and I only see a red shorts and top, where's all the combat cloths and stuff to make her look like a warrior?


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    The basic content that comes with DAZ Studio 4 (the Genesis figure and accessories) comes with a few outfits including a fantasy one. If you're using V4 though, you have to buy different outfits - that's what this place is for. :) There are a ton of V4 fantasy outfits for sale though, so just browse until you find something you like.

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    and to completely derail this thread, I found this picture in the daz store and I just love it:

    the first one :)

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    If it's V4 you're using, there's a LOT out there for her, not only here but also on other sites.

    If it's Genesis, then your character can use ANYTHING that will fit Genesis, even heavy armor like my Genesis Cavalier.

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