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mcjEarphones - modern headphones ( HD280 pro somewhat-lookalike )

mCasualmCasual Posts: 3,563
edited September 2012 in Freebies

download page and installation instructions

i made earphones to go with my tutorial about making coiled cords, and i'm giving it away

note that its a bit wasteful on the polygon count , almost 30000 faces

( and once i posted them i realized i should've used the term headphones )

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  • mCasualmCasual Posts: 3,563
    edited December 1969

    apparently it wasn't a good idea to give body part names to props parts
    so i think i have some renaming to do before posting the prop

    800 x 800 - 84K
  • MattymanxMattymanx Posts: 4,531
    edited December 1969

    Thank you for the headset Jacques

  • 1hapkat1hapkat Posts: 30
    edited December 1969

    Thanks for the headphones. :-)

  • edited December 1969

    They look just like a pair we had in our studio. Thank you!

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