CBR file doesn't seem to load

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I am doing some work in Carrara 6 Pro.
When automating to alternate between glow and not glow at certain points
What I have tried is to set color, then save file using the default cbr, name not glow, so to next point select adjust shader glow color
and save as Glow ( from the color wheel ) when I get to the next point and in the color wheel open file and select
the cbr file I have saved I don't see a change. Am I missing something? Thanks


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    HI 8068 :)

    It sounds like you're trying to animate a shader,.. you do that by moving the time-line forward ad adjusting a value in any part of the shader,. which creates a Key-frame. (see pics)
    You can then duplicate that key-frame or add more..

    Back in the assembly room you can select different "Tweener" types, to effect the way the values transition from one key to the next

    Frame 0 = red glow

    Frame 30 = Black (no glow)

    Using an Oscillate tweener, you can get it to pulse between the two key-frames

    EDIT: I think I've misread this,.. the issue is that the colour wheel isn't changing anything, if you save a colour wheel value, then move the time-line and load one of the saved value, ...

    It''s working ok for me here.

    What may be throwing you is that the Little Colour wheel panel can remain open. although you've clicked somewhere else, and any change you make doesn't apply to anything,
    You need to select the little colour Box, to bring up the colour wheel for that colour again.

    Hope it helps :)

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    You are always one to jump in and help! Thanks.
    Sometimes when there are many keyframes I can get confused, and ALT drag or duplicate the wrong frame.
    I was hoping to save and load the color value. I am doing many short animations so this could be handy. I do save
    my shaders which saves a lot of time, but I some of them have shift during a scene and I had hoped I could save these values as well for a quick recall.

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    AH I think you've got it! Closing and reopening the wheel does the trick!
    Thanks Again

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    Something else to think about is using a mixer. In my example, I wanted an "off" and "on" for my glow. What I did was use a mixer function in the glow channel with two colors. The color red for "on" and the color black for "off" with a numeric slider to adjust the value. I've used this trick to simulate flashing aviation lights. I would think you could use any color you wanted in either channel.

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    Just looked back at this.
    Love it! thanks so much easier then changing color values constantly!

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    8068 said:
    Just looked back at this.
    Love it! thanks so much easier then changing color values constantly!

    To get a blinking light, you can use an oscillate tweener for a regular blink, or a noise tweener for a randomized blink. Simply set the glow as off on the first frame and on at the last frame and change the tweener to either oscillate or noise, decide the frequency of the blink and a couple other parameters and you're good to go.

    Here's a youtube video I did with blinking running light on a helicopter. I was testing a couple other things out so my focus wasn't on the light, but it's still visible.


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