B3DE submissions deadline

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Long time no talk.

I am writing in regards to ask for some cooperation and submit images for the first release of B3DE until 25th of September.

All you need to do is to select your favorite images created by you,

Collect into one folder and zip them into one archive, zip or rar archives are accepted.

Please fallow this formula to name your archives:


(B3DE stands for Bryce 3D Expo; 20xx stands for a year of submission; xx stands for a month of the submission; Your name is your name)

send this archive to:
[email protected]

Do not forget that each image should include your digital signature.

I hope to see many new submissions and give you B3DE Issue 01 soon!


  • Rashad CarterRashad Carter Posts: 1,547
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    Wonderful! Thank you!

  • Eva1Eva1 Posts: 989
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    Glad I just spotted this post - hope I'm not too late, I've just sent you some images Jetbird. Looking forward to seeing the first edition!:)

  • Rashad CarterRashad Carter Posts: 1,547
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    Today is the last day for submissions. I've been trying to get something viable completed. If we are late by a day or two will that disqualify us? Hopefully in a day or two when I am happy with this volcano thing I will have a few renders to display in the expo. So exciting!!!!!!!!!

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