Tattoo across texture seam?

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OK, so I have a Genesis skin loaded into photoshop and I want to create a tattoo across the upper back of the texture, but the seam splits down the center of the back. Is there some technique that I don't know about to accurately split something like that?


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    What I've done, in the past is to make a series of 'registration' marks on a new layer, with a transparent background, over the skin texture image and temporarily merge the layers (saving it under a temporary name). Then apply that texture to the model. to see where the marks fall. Then split the overlay image (tattoo) and align it to those marks (again, a separate layer)...repeat the merge and test again. When satisfied, I discard the registration layer and merge the overlay, saving it under a different file name something like 'orginal_skin_tat.jpg' (did this for a number of Morrowind skin textures...never did release that mod pack...)

    Is that the easiest way?

    Probably not, but with a bit of fiddling with placement, it works.

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    Investing in a projection painter will do the trick. There are lots of them out there, ranging in price from affordable to ghastly lol
    A few: Bodypaint (part of cinema 4D), 3D Coat, and ZBrush. Some modellers have painters too (but it will differ between packages)

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    If you are going across the back, you must split design in half and and mirror it.
    Then you can fine tune with registering

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