[Solved] DUF format does not load correctly the animations! Morphs disappear!

Hi, until today I used DS3 to create animations, and now I was trying the "big jump" on 4.5... but something weird happens!!!!

Take a look... this is my character Florence, that I made from Aiko4 in DAZ 4.0...

Now, in DAZ 4.5, I zoom on her face and create a simple animation to have her open the mouth using the facial morphs...

I save it as "Animation.duf", I close DAZ, I open it again, I load the animation, and... LOOK WHAT HAPPENS!!!!

All the morphs disappeared! The figure is back to being a normal Victoria4, and of course the morphs used to animate the face disappeared too!!!! There's no animation at all!

If I check the log, there are a lot of messages like this:

WARNING: fileinput\dzassetdaz.cpp(6149): Could not create dform because could not find dform node for instance: V4AbdomenBackFwd_abdomen-8.
WARNING: fileinput\dzassetdaz.cpp(4463): Failed to create dform instance.
WARNING: fileinput\dzassetdaz.cpp(1254): Failed to create modifier!
WARNING: fileinput\dzassetdaz.cpp(6349): Could not find reference: BT_Biz_Graqss_1827:/C:/Users/MCMXC/Desktop/Animation.duf#V4LBreastMorphDnOut_chest-2?value
WARNING: fileinput\dzassetdaz.cpp(1263): Failed to create alias!

Whatever is happening, happens with the DUF file only... If I create an animation with morphs in DS3 and I load it in DS4.5, the morphs are present...

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