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I and some of my friends have been discussing the different versions of DAZ Studio in regards to the pros and cons of each version. It came to our attention that in earlier versions, (namely series 3), certain operations dealing with export and import to and from other applications such as Blender work better than with series 4 versions. Particularly, one of my friends exported a Collada .dae file from DAZ Studio 3 to Blender and the armature worked in Blender without problems. When he did the same thing from DAZ Studio 4.5 Pro, to Blender the armature was messed up.
Then the question arose as to whether DAZ Studio 3 (any version of 3) is still available to download. Of course the subject of legal downloads came up, and I pointed out the fact that all versions of DAZ Studio are the intellectual property of DAZ 3D, and any third party offering of any version without proper authorization from DAZ 3D would constitute a copyright infringement. I personally would steer away from such offers because or the legal ramifications, which no doubt would be severe to say the least.
So I have taken it upon myself to put in a request here at the DAZ Studio forum. I would like to be informed as to the availability of earlier versions of DAZ Studio, in particular versions of series 3.
Any advice, suggestions or links to legal ways to obtain the series 3 DAZ Studio software are welcome.
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