items disappear from cart?

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Hi. I wonder if anyone encountered this as well? I put an item in my cart (and yes, I am logged in) and plan to buy it tomorrow. I used to do it without any problems, but recently when I log in next day, the item is not in the cart any more and the site tells me my cart is empty. When this happened the first time, I thought I somehow unknowingly emptied the cart or something, but by now this happened to me several times already. First time could be just a coincidence but this is a pattern.


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    There is a known bug with the store when adding things to the cart and then logging in before checkout. It causes things to disappear. It would seem that if you are logged in and adding things to the cart until tomorrow DAZ will automatically log you out which seems to be the opposite of the above scenario but could be the same bug in reverse.

    Log it with DAZ as a bug, but in the first scenario the server seems to 'catch up' after an indeterminate period and Hey Presto they suddenly appear. Hopefully this will happen for you too.

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    Or else make sure that you are indeed logged into the stroe as well as the forum, and add another item to the cart. THis can then be removed before you check out.

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    (and yes, I am logged in)

    It isn't always easy to tell. In the new store, the auto-logout seems to be on a timer (which doesn't always work consistently) from your initial login, instead of the more obvious and sensible approach of logging out after a period of inactivity. Many people have complained over the last few months* of being logged out while in the middle of posting a forum reply, or browsing the store, or even in the middle of checkout. I've been caught out a couple of times. And just to add to the confusion, it's apparently possible to be logged in on the forums but logged out on the store, and vice-versa.

    * yes, months! < sigh >

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    This just happened to me today.

    I know I was logged in when I added La Piazza to my cart because I added it from my wishlist, which I could not have done if I had been logged out.

    Then I decided to buy it later today, and when I logged in, my cart was empty.

    It's the first time it's happened to me. But there's no doubt that it did happen.

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