Texture converter 2 problem

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I am trying to install texture converter 2 on a new computer. When I go to download the M3/D3 plugin, my antivirus keeps reading it as having a trojan and blocks it. In fact, I even looked on an old external drive for the installer, and when I did, it read that as a trojan and removed it. Has anyone else had this problem? I mainly want to convert an M3 texture to use with m4, so I am sort of irritated. WHen I first installed it on my old computer, I had no known problems. What stuns me is that when I reset the files in my daz account it read it as a trojan.


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    Yes, others have posted about this issue.

    It is a false positive.

    You will have to turn your virus protection off to download / install it. Some virus protection programs allow you to mark something as ok and other programs just does the "knows what is best" route and removes it.

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