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First I want to say how I love all of MacLean's stuff that I've gotten so far, really amazing at the level of reality. Now, about the Diner. HOW can I put up a sign I created for the outside? When I did it as a Diffuse, it gave me three images. I can see where the wall is in three parts, but how can I make the sign one. I did a render of the outer wall, took it into Photoshop and created the Neon Sign, above the windows and door along the top, (it looks really cool as it glows like it's lit up). When I tried to put it on the Diner front I got the three images. What did I did wrong? Otherwise, I was just thinking to use this image as a shot (in Movie Maker edit) to establish the setting in a scene. As they would on "Roseanne" showing you where the next scene takes place.

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    You picked a tricky one there. First of all, you're not doing anything wrong, but ti's not possible to put a single texture across the entire diner wall. The reason for this is the way I UV mapped it. It's split into 3 section - left, center and right - and those sections are superimposed on the map. This means that the 3 sections share the same texture.

    I did it this way for a good reason. The size of map required to cover the entire wall would be very large, or using the existing brick texture, it would render very low quality. It's a common trick in UV mapping. Unfortunately, in this case, it means a sign texture won't work.

    The only way to do it would be to make a sign prop for the front. Check your PMs. I might be able to help you out.


    Note - The Diner was never really meant to be an exterior model, which is why I didn't add a roof, sign, etc.

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    Thank you, but I figured it out. In Hexagon created a simple semi-flat plane so the sign would have some thickness. Then sent that into Daz and there set the image on top it and placed where it goes above the Diner. Thank you for your response, I really love your stuff. Beautiful details.

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    Good idea. Glad you found a solution.


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