M4 Morphing Cowl

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Can I have a Morphing Cowl for M4 the same as the one for V4 in the V4 Bodysuit Expansion set?
I Looove the V4 one but it won't go on M4.
(How can I have Batwoman without Batman? )
I have tried butchering my own but i am really not yet that good.


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    yeap this is a great idea and I never understood, why there is no morphing cowl or gloves for m4 bodysuit included

  • zug22zug22 Posts: 67
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    I have made a little progress, I altered the mesh to fit M4 and imported it but now i have another problem: to make it work I need to use the transfer utility to make it copy M4's properties, but M4 does not appear in the Transfer Utility. i cannot find any info on using it wither papart from a brief mention in one of the vids.
    Am I doing something wrong? Why is M4 blocked to the Trans Util ?
    If you help me get it to work I'll (try to) post you the model.

  • nightwolf1982nightwolf1982 Posts: 966
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    Transfer Utility only works for weight mapped figures (ie Genesis figure).

  • zug22zug22 Posts: 67
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    Well, you actually answered my question in another topic, but thanks - it applies equally here too !
    Now all I need to do is use V4 for Genesis (for example) and all will be great.
    Thanks again !
    This sort of thing should be in the online instructions.

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