Updating Smart Content Tab issue

SenaReSenaRe Posts: 39

I had to remove some of my content so that I had more space on the comp to actually render something. Unfortunately it left a place holder behind in the smart content. Any ideas as to how I can get the smart content area to update so those are gone?


  • cridgitcridgit Posts: 987
    edited December 1969

    Right-click those items and select Remove Oprhaned References.

  • SenaReSenaRe Posts: 39
    edited December 1969

    when I right click (I'm using 4.5) I get Explore Product Contents

  • FixmypcmikeFixmypcmike Posts: 17,301
    edited December 1969

    You need to find them in the Content Library categories and "Remove Orphaned References" there.

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