Question - Custom V4/M4 Morphs for Genesis

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This is maybe a dumb question, but one I have to ask, being a noob to DAZ Studio and all... I understand that you can transfer your custom V4/M4 character morphs to Genesis using the Genesis Generation X product, but I was wondering, does this only work for custom morphs created using the V4/M4 morph packs or does it work for as well for custom morphs that I made using Hexagon? Is there a way for me to export morph targets as OBJ files from the Gen 4 figures and load them to Genesis?

I know these are probably fairly obvious questions, but again, I haven't had time to learn even the basics of DS yet so it'll be a while before I get a chance to try figuring this stuff out myself. But I'm not sure if Generation X is worth the investment, because most of my custom character morphs are done at least partially using custom morphs, not entirely from the morph packs.


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    GenX should be able to transfer any morph, as far as I know. It may been the morph to be saved out as an ExP morph, so that it has external files, but other than that your home-made morphs should be just like purchased morphs. You may want to ask this in the big thread on GenX, which the creator follows.

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    Thanks! Will do!

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    *EDIT: deleted... dumb question

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