Luthbel's Corsair

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How long will this item remain at reduced price? I wish there were better ways to get this information. With the old system it was always posted with the page.

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    You and me both... Out of memory the intro sale was stated to end on the 29th in the old store, it might have been extended to make up for the store change annoyances.

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    I was wondering the same thing. And yes, I also find it unfortunate that the product pages for items on sale no longer display information about the sales, including when they will end. As it turns out this is great for my wallet but not so great for DAZ. Missed purchasing a number of items for this reason. I don't buy on the spur of the moment since I like to think about potential purchases before making them. Therefore it is helpful to know how long I have to think about a sale item before the sale ends.

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    Excuse me!?!...

    Both local time for me and DAZ means that I'm posting this on May 31, so I'm wondering why my wishlist is saying I added the Corsair to it on June 1 after I just added it today? This has me wondering what time zone is governing the DAZ Store? Will I ever truly know when a sale is supposed to end? With the old site I knew to the second when a sale was going to end. Meanwhile, I'm off to look through my account for a time zone setting. Puzzled.

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    ^Don't forget to click Daylight Savings if you're in an area that recognizes it. Although the forum profile setting may govern only the forums and not the wishlist times. I don't know just how integrated the Magento store and forums are.

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