Has Crazy Nights Been Removed?

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Can't find this item anywhere done the search nada-I managed to get the textures for it the other day but couldn't get crazy nights to add to cart -so was hoping the problem with it was fixed by now-BUT now I am not finding either product-soo anyone have any idea what happen to it? Textures aren't any good if I can't get the basic item for em. :(
Thanks for all help on this matter.


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    I haven't looked for it in the past few days but ever since the release of the new store I have been unable to add it to my cart so maybe they did to fix whatever issue seems to be going on with it. Hopefully it will be back up and running again soon. =)

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    k ty for answering :) hopefully that is whats going on with it-would have to return the textures to it if I can't get it -so maybe they will fix it and put it back in store. *and hopefully it will be in the store before the 30 days is up on the textures*

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    Well, I had it in my wishlist, where it was causing all sorts of trouble until I deleted it. I'm really kicking myself for not actually buying it and Starry Nights before this whole kerfawful happened.

    But the big question is...why just this item? Why have we heard of no other item causing such problems? What is so special about it?

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    I don't know what is going on about it-got me curious also-I never put it in my wishlist-was trying to purchase it same time I got the textures but it refused to go in the cart -* I tried for 2 days to purchase it and gave up*-doesn't make any sense at all concerning this product-why can a person buy the textures to the item but can't buy the item? AND now both items are missing from the store or at least I can't find them.

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    Yeah there was some problem with this item that was thhrowing up all sorts of errors for anyone who had either tried ourchasing it, or had wishlisted it, so I guess it gor removed until they could sort ot out.

    I guess Crazy Nights were just too crazy for the store to deal with

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    LOL guess it did! sure had me crazy trying to purchase it :D

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