Bryce Lightning exe

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Comes with the 7 Pro installers.

When I first installed Bryce 7 Pro; then installed the Lightning it 'took over' the desktop icon to launch something that looked pretty useless and I couldn't get Bryce 7 the program to load so i uninstalled it.

Was it only for a network system or something? If it's of use on the 1 computer; how do I install it so it doesn't take over the desktop icon to launch Bryce? And would there happen to be a link for more information about this .exe file?


  • ChoholeChohole Posts: 27,754
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    It is for using Bryce on a render farm. So yes needs several computers, or at least 2.

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    @Patience55 - as chohole already said, Lightning is the render client you can install on all computers in your home network - if there is more than one. Bryce is only needed on one computer and it acts as host for all clients.

    If you only use one computer at the moment, you can uninstall Lightning.

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    Okay, thank you. Will keep it uninstalled.

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