DS4.5: Several Genesis morphs won't show up in Shaping tab

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I wonder why several of Genesis morphs wont show up in the Shaping tab. At the time being, I have verified they are:

- Nipples
- Nipples Depth
- Nipples Volume
- Areolae Depth
- Areolae Diameter
- Areolae Perk
- Navel Depth
- Navel Hollow
- Navel Horizontal
- Navel Out
- Navel Size
- Navel Vertical
- Linea Alba Depth
- Scapula Depth
- Sternum Depth
- Stomach Depth
- Stomach Lower Depth

Note that I have Evolution Bundle and V5 installed, and these are for the UpperBody/Torso Group alone. However, they show up in the Parameters Tab in Actor/UpperBody/Torso. In 4.0.3, they all show up in the Shaping tab.

Also, I got this error when loading V5 Female Genitalia (taken from the log file):

Duplicate id "Genesis Female Genitalia" found in file "/data/DAZ 3D/Genesis/Female Genitalia/Genesis Female Genitalia.dsf"

How to resolve this?

PS: This is the messiest upgrade ever, from consistent crash while rendering to Genesis peculiarites.


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    Do you have the updated versions of these morph sets? There were bugs in the 4.0.x.x line that showed morphs in the Shaping and Pose tabs even if the data files said they shouldn't, and allowed items to have Duplicate IDs. These bugs have been corrected, and most Genesis items have been updated to display morphs in the Shaping and Pose tabs when appropriate, and to remove duplicate IDs. See the link in my sig for the thread with the current version numbers for Genesis items.

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    Ahhh, the solution is provided! Yes, it was the evolution morphs that were missing and yes, I had old versions and yes, I have DL'd and installed the new versions and YES!!!! The morphs are back.

    Thanks to everyone for this!

    Now I'll have to study over that very long list of updates to figure out what else is in need of an update. I sort of assumed, I suppose falsely, that I would be informed through the software updated or some way. Oh well. Guess it is the hard way for now.

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