Making M4 one-eyed / cyclops?

rsnrsn Posts: 42

Does anyone know if there is either a partial head morph that will do this, or if there is an easy enough way to remove the eyes on M4 (without there being blank holes) and to put one eye in the middle of the forehead? I want to turn an existing M4 character I have into a cyclops, although I could start over with a fresh character if need be. I just don't want him to be Freak/monster sized. I want an otherwise normal looking M4 character that just happens to have one eye in the middle. I'm using Poser but I can use DAZ if necessary. Is that possible?


  • ChromaDrakeChromaDrake Posts: 288
    edited December 1969

    I'd be interested in this as well. I see that there is a cyclops for Genesis and Freak 3, did M4 get left out?

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